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What Difference Does It Make?

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Shock, horror, hatred, detestation, and sorrow. Those were the emotions I felt as I sat motionless for two hours in a movie theater watching the movie “13 Hours” . The film is the controversial true story of the events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th 2012. The film is two hours long, a mere fraction of the thirteen hours that the Americans were under attack. Thirteen hours of gunfire, and short range missiles at both the U.S. Consulate, and U.S. CIA Annex, and no help was given from our country. Calls were made throughout the night begging for help from both the Consulate, and the Annex, and Hillary, Obama, and his administration watched. They watched in real time and gave no help. Not one F-16, not one Black Hawk, nothing. The men involved were far safer in the war on Iraq than in Benghazi. No help at all was given, and I for one am ashamed to be an American.

I am ashamed as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama watched our men fight and die from an unmanned drone in real time. How? How is it possible that both Obama and Hillary could sit and watch Americans under attack for 13 hours and do nothing? Not only did the President and Secretary of State do nothing, but they gave orders not once, not twice, but three times to “stand down”, and not fight. Had the men that both died and survived not disobeyed orders to “stand down”, not one American, stationed in Benghazi would have survived.
As I sat and watched the gut wrenching film I felt sheer hatred and shame. I felt hatred for both the President and the former Secretary of State. I felt shame as my country failed the men who endured the horrific attack. My country failed these men, as these men never should have been stationed in Benghazi, Libya in the first place. While every other country had left Libya due to the country being “unstable”, and “unsafe”, America stayed. America stayed and went so far as to send Ambassador, Christopher Stephens to Benghazi. America stayed as Obama, Hillary and this administration wanted to show Americans and the world that terrorism no longer existed.

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Never Forget And Elect Donald Trump!

Hell Has A Place For Those Behind Benghazi!

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

September 11, 2012 was the day both Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama guaranteed their places in hell. On that tragic day, Islamic militants attacked America’s diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were unnecessarily killed on the evening of September 11th 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Management Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA contractors, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were killed on that fateful night.

How these men died was horrific. How our President, and Secretary of State allowed this tragedy to take place is even more horrific. Three mortars hit the CIA Annex, killing one of the men instantly. He was the lucky one. One of the men bled to death, another suffered horribly ,as his leg held on by a thread, and Chris Stevens was said to be tortured, and dragged through the streets of Benghazi. Four Americans perished, 10 were injured and little was done to help.The question is why? Not only why, but how did this happen? How did America fail to secure the compound in Benghazi? Not only how did the state department fail to protect our compound and men, but why did the White House and Hillary Clinton lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack?Since 1979 this country has not had an ambassador killed, and as America knew of the dangers in the mid east, how did our State department allow this tragedy to happen?

How our Government allowed the attack in Benghazi to happen is really quite simple. Greed, and power, that’s how. After Obama and his administration had boasted that terrorism was a thing of the past with Bin Laden dead and gone, they were not about to admit to the American people that they were wrong. Why admitting that terrorism was not a thing of the past could quite possibly have lost them the  2012 election, and so they lied. Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, and everyone in the White House lied. They lied to the American people in telling them that attack of our compound in Benghazi was not due to terrorism, but due to an anti-Islamic film. Our government knew the attack was not due to an anti-Islamic film. Barrack Obama knew that the attack was not due to an anti Islamic film. Hillary knew the attack in Benghazi was not due to an anti-Islamic film. Everyone in the White House knew the attack in Benghazi was not due to an anti-Islamic film, but due to terrorism. Our government LIED to the American people when they knew full well that Benghazi was without a doubt premeditated terrorism. Not only did our government know Benghazi was an act of terrorism, but they knew in advance. With the knowledge this administration had, those four Americans that perished never should have been in Benghazi, and the key players, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Hussein Obama have blood on their hands.

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The True Meaning Of Memorial Day -Sean Bianca

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Since 1775 an estimated 1.8 million Americans have given their lives for the United States. Today we remember these men on Memorial Day. It is a day for those who have lost loved ones in war to remember. In remembrance many visit the graves of those lost and place flowers as to never forget, never to forget the bravery of America’s brave young men. Unfortunately while Memorial Day weekend is a rather somber weekend for some, it is for the majority of Americans nothing more than a three day weekend,and an excuse to eat, drink and be merry.

As the true purpose of Memorial Day weekend is to remember those fallen heroes, many Americans are appalled by our current President’s actions these past few days. Friday, Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, Japan. In a historic visit, Obama laid wreaths at a cenotaph dedicated to bombing victims. During his visit the president apologized for the murder of a young Japanese woman killed by a U.S. marine, spoke of a nuclear free world, and offered his condolences for those lost in Hiroshima, with the dropping of the atomic bomb. Not surprisingly condolences were not given by the Prime Minister of Japan for those Americans killed in Pearl Harbor.

While the Japanese people were quite supportive of President Obama’s visit, many Americans were not so enthralled. Perhaps it was due in part to the president’s lifting the arms embargo on Vietnam just days prior, thus destroying any leverage that the United States had on Vietnam and abuse. How nice that while the president talks of a Nuclear free world he is giving others the ability to obtain nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are an inevitable component in today’s world and the United States needs a president that knows it. President Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb was not an easy one, but a necessary one to bring an end to the war. Shortly after the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan surrendered, and the World War II was ended.

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Palm Beach Trumpettes don’t believe abortion comments hurt Trump

homeBy Michele Dargan | Daily News Staff Writer

Palm Beacher Toni Holt Kramer doesn’t believe that Donald Trump’s recent comments about abortion was a key factor of his loss in Wisconsin’s Republican primary Tuesday to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I think the issue in Wisconsin was unequivocally and without a doubt the endorsement by the governor, not the abortion issue,” Kramer said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed Cruz over Trump.

“When the governor of Wisconsin endorses a candidate — and he has a lot of backing, the people really like him — when they have that much faith in their governor, I think they do whatever he recommends,” said Kramer, president of the Trumpettes, a nationwide women’s group that supports Trump.

Cruz beat Trump 48 to 35 percent with Ohio Gov. John Kasich receiving 14 percent of the vote.

On the Democratic side, socialist Bernie Sanders beat front-runner Hillary Clinton 56.5 to 43 percent.

Trump initially said that if abortion was outlawed there should be “some form of punishment” for the woman has drawn scrutiny from women, abortion-rights advocates and even some Republicans.

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Like Your Mexican Flag? Well Get Out!-Sean Bianca

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Smoke grenades, rocks, bottles, and burning shirts were thrown by protesters at Police Officers and their horses outside of a Donald Trump rally late Tuesday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sadly no action to protect the horses was taken. While Police Officers sprayed tear gas at the protesters wearing masks, the horses were unprotected. How any human being can throw anything at another human being is bad enough, but to be cruel to a helpless animal is pure evil and savagery. Tuesday night’s violent protest gave Trump supporters and non-supporters all the more reason to support and vote for Donald Trump.

          The protesters were nothing more than thugs out for attention and out for a good time. Many were scrawny, shirtless, pathetic excuses for human beings yelling profanities and flipping the bird to the television cameras. I’m quite sure if one had asked any one of the protesters just why they were there, they wouldn’t have had a clue. While the male protesters were a sight to behold the female ones weren’t much better. One woman stuck her rear end up in the air at a police officer and twerked about, appearing to be anything but a class act. It was quite special. Those who weren’t giving news crews the finger and yelling profanities were carrying the Mexican flag. Not one American flag was held proudly by the protesters except for one which was burned, but there were several Mexican flags. Upon seeing the Mexican flags I became incensed with anger. How dare these immigrants come to our country, riot, throw fire bombs, rocks, and bottles at law enforcement horses, Police officers, and reporters, and hold their Mexican flags!

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Welcome Fred Williamson


Toni, You’ve done such a great job on all the Trumpettes – it’s so incredible you’ve put together such a stellar group of ladies in support of Trump. It was a big surprise that you included Fred in with my bio and included our picture. Fred is a serious Trump supporter and is very enthusiastic about my being a Trumpster.

To My Fabulous Trumpettes

trumpYou are doing a great job and I know you have been asking what more you can do to get Donald J. Trump elected President. Well here it is. What you can do is contact all of your friends and family and try to gather as many new Trumpettes and Trumpsters by word of mouth and convert as many people as possible which is going to be very important. I would hope that each one of you will bring at least one new person per week to our Trumpettes site. We also have a blog so feel free to blog and share your thoughts and remember share, share, and share. Don’t forget to read the blogs posted by our Trumpette Sean Bianca as she is working very hard to get Donald J. Trump elected.

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