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The World Thanks Hillary For Sharing Our Nuclear Response Time! – Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”


If anyone had any doubt that Hillary Clinton would be a threat to our national security, that doubt should be erased. Hillary Clinton is the biggest threat to our national security and she again proved herself to be just that in last night’s debate. In her attempt to prove Donald Trump “unfit” to have his hands on the nuclear code, Hillary proved herself to be “unfit” to have her hands on the nuclear code. Hillary told the entire world that “there’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” America can thank Hillary for putting our nation’s nuclear response time out for the entire world to know. Hillary just showed America how careless she is with our national intelligence, again!

Again and again Hillary has proven her negligence with our nation’s security. However, last night Hillary’s telling all our nuclear response time truly took the cake. Hillary divulging our response time was just as dangerous as Vice President Joe Biden telling the world that he has a man that follows him wherever he goes with the nuclear codes. Biden even pointed the man out. Never did I think I would see the day when Hillary Clinton would be as idiotic as Joe Biden! Last night the whole world saw Hillary to be nothing short of a dingbat with her statement regarding our nuclear response time. Of course, let’s consider the source. This is a woman who chose to use an unsecured server for her email which was used to send and receive classified material. While Trump had a great debate last night, he dropped the ball in regards to Hillary criticizing Trump for quoting the Wikileaks’ John Podesta emails. One statement was all that was needed. “Secretary Clinton, had you used a secured server, Russia and everyone else under the sun would not have been able to hack your emails”! Slam dunk!

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

About Sean Bianca

Sean Bianca Lee is a young woman born in Connecticut, where she became drawn to politics as a child. Sean as a seven year old felt inclined to write former President Richard Nixon a letter expressing her condolences over his having to resign from the Presidency. Sean played competitive tennis as a junior, and attained rankings earning her several college scholarships, and placing her in seven Coca Cola commercials. Sean opted against attending college to pursue a professional tennis career, but suffered severe career ending shoulder injuries. After having several shoulder surgeries and two knee operations, Sean joined the workforce as a tennis teaching professional, and maintains that career today. In Sean Bianca's spare time she became very active as a volunteer for former President G.W. Bush, as well as the McCain-Palin, and Romney-Ryan campaigns. In September 2012 Sean Bianca, being greatly disturbed by the Obama administration, launched a blog, "GOP GIRL BLOG" where she shared her strong political views, and still does today. Sean Bianca Lee is currently a tennis instructor in Palm Beach, Florida, and lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her two dogs, Mischa, and Marley.

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