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About Sean Bianca

Sean Bianca Lee is a young woman born in Connecticut, where she became drawn to politics as a child. Sean as a seven year old felt inclined to write former President Richard Nixon a letter expressing her condolences over his having to resign from the Presidency. Sean played competitive tennis as a junior, and attained rankings earning her several college scholarships, and placing her in seven Coca Cola commercials. Sean opted against attending college to pursue a professional tennis career, but suffered severe career ending shoulder injuries. After having several shoulder surgeries and two knee operations, Sean joined the workforce as a tennis teaching professional, and maintains that career today. In Sean Bianca's spare time she became very active as a volunteer for former President G.W. Bush, as well as the McCain-Palin, and Romney-Ryan campaigns. In September 2012 Sean Bianca, being greatly disturbed by the Obama administration, launched a blog, "GOP GIRL BLOG" where she shared her strong political views, and still does today. Sean Bianca Lee is currently a tennis instructor in Palm Beach, Florida, and lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her two dogs, Mischa, and Marley.

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