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img_7824Good Day World, and isn’t it a happier and better world already, and good day Mr. President, Melania our new First Lady, and your beautiful family, and our family of Trumpettes, Trumpsters and supporters everywhere!

No doubt the most exciting evening of our lives, especially those of us who were blessed to be waiting for the results at the Mar a Lago Club, in Palm Beach. I am proud to say that over two dozen Trumpettes and our husbands gathered for dinner, all of us very nervous and praying for the result we inevitably got.

I think what kept my sanity was me saying the Universe would not have led us this far to let us down. Also, for me personally, I felt my mother, and my personal angel, were right by my side looking down not only taking care of me, but taking care of our beautiful country which is going to be even more beautiful than any of us could have even imagined.

Oddly enough, before leaving the house last night I had numerous phone calls from friends in Europe whose concern about this election was without a doubt at optimum levels as they watched with the rest of the world wondering what would happen to Europe if Donald J. Trump did not win.

In addition I have received countless congratulations from Trumpettes, Trumpsters and friends around the US who have taken this election so seriously, worked so hard and shared the stress as well as the encouragement of believing in our Superman Hero, as I named him last year in many interviews. I said he was hovering around the sky in his Superman outfit working very, very hard to eventually land and find himself behind the desk of the Oval office WHERE HE BELONGS.


We have a big job to do right along side our President and that is to unite and bring together more and more women and their children and to restore their FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND BELIEF. Our flag has always been a symbol of our great country and now she will fly higher and better than ever before. We need to gather groups of us and begin our work unifying and bringing in all those that were not for us during this election. Divided we fall and united we stand stronger and stronger day by day.

I am asking all of you to not only work hard to gain support for Mr. Trump, but to think individually about what you can do as part of this incredible movement to help bring this country together.

So with this in mind,

Left to right: Janet Levy, Suzi Goldsmith, Toni Holt Kramer, Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza
Left to right: Janet Levy, Suzi Goldsmith, Toni Holt Kramer, Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza

I am hoping that you will all take an active role in working on the ground to narrow the divide and bring emotional security to women, men and children throughout this country, and to give of yourself every day of the week to ensure the success of the United States of American and our best President Donald J. Trump, who our land has not seen and known for many, many years.

I am calling a special board meeting together, if any of you feel that you have anything to offer in this capacity, or a particular idea, thought or talent, please get in touch by emailing

We will take to the air with Sept au Huit (the French 60 minutes) who just interviewed us three weeks ago, and who at this moment are on a plane to Florida to interview once again the Trumpettes and hear the plans to do our share in helping to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

We are wiping the slate clean, so everybody, whether you were with us in the beginning or not, can think about joining us now as we unite.

Thank you God for this great opportunity for our Superman Hero to Save America and lead us on a new journey forward.


Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President

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