Toni Holt Kramer

Meredith Hope

I am a manufacturing facility for industrial computers and put one of the 50 fastest computers in the world. In addition I also started an ISP in Chicago and had a network that could get a third of the Chicago metro area online simultaneously it was one of the biggest networks in the country. I also did the very first online bank and private ISP in Zimbabwe. I also computerized the largest mine in the country.

I was a defense contractor and represent myself as a woman owned business and did projects for every branch of the military as well as quite a few intelligence agencies. My designs for a Communication center was acknowledged by President Bush as being the model to be used for all intelligence agencies.

Presently I design jewelry and enjoy creative outlets.

I am a member of the Capitol Hill Club as well as Move On Women a PAC established by KellyAnne Conway to get female Republican women elected.

I split my time between Palm Beach, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

I am very active and philanthropy with most of my focus going towards education.

My mission in life is to spread brutal beauty and peace around the planet. To support our president as I believe that he is what our country has been needing for a very long time. We have a very unique opportunity to have a president who is not bought out by special interest.

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