Toni Holt Kramer

Danielle Spoleti

Danielle Spoleti is a junior at New York University, majoring in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science and minoring in Business Entertainment Media & Technology. In February of 2016, Danielle joined Donald J. Trump’s campaign, working nonstop to get her boss, Donald J. Trump into the White House. She held multiple roles in communications, coalitions outreach, and also served as a liaison in booking on-air TV appearances for Trump’s surrogates within the campaign. She is enamored of Mr. Trump’s affable and vivacious presence with which he would visit the campaign office with to commend and express his gratitude for those dedicating their efforts to helping him WIN!

At the core of my relentless and unwavering support for President Donald J. Trump is my conviction that the country needs a man ‘of and for the people.’ No one will change America for the better than Mr. Trump who possesses a dauntless tenacity and the business and political acumen that I admire. President Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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