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image001Sean Bianca Lee was born and raised in Connecticut. As a young girl Sean Bianca took an interest in politics. She went so far as to write a letter to President Richard Nixon expressing her sadness in his resigning from the Presidency in 1974. Sean was seven at the time. Sean played competitive tennis as a junior, and attained rankings earning her several college scholarships, and placing her in seven Coca Cola commercials. Sean opted against attending college to pursue a professional tennis career, but suffered severe career ending shoulder injuries. After having several shoulder surgeries and two knee operations, Sean joined the workforce as a tennis teaching professional. In Sean’s spare time she became very active as a volunteer for former President G.W. Bush, as well as the McCain-Palin, and Romney-Ryan campaigns. In September 2012 Sean being greatly disturbed by the Obama administration, launched her blog, “GOP GIRL BLOG”, where she shared her strong political views, and continues to do so today.

Many of Sean Bianca’s blogs are on Mr. Donald J. Trump, whom Sean feels is the only candidate worthy of being the next President of the United States. Sean Bianca feels America needs a candidate that will rebuild our military ensuring America’s safety, close our borders, create jobs and improve our economy, will do away with Obama Care and will look after the welfare for America’s men and women in the military. Sean feels America has had more than its fair share of politicians and that America is in need of a non politician that will not only talk the talk but will walk the walk! Sean Bianca is confident that Mr. Donald J. Trump will make America great again!

Sean Bianca Lee is currently a tennis instructor in Palm Beach, Florida, and lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her two dogs, Mischa, and Marley.

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